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Category: By Han Fei
Posted on 31 January 2008

Yes! Yes! YES!
I finally get my hands of the 4 figures that I been ordering!
A Parcel of 3 arrived today morning at 10.30 a.m.while the last and most important figure was collected using the traditional Cash on Delivery method at Taman Jaya today at 12.30 p.m.!

Okay, time to introduce my Babies…


1st off is the 3 Figures in the Parcel.

Tifa and Aerith
Origin: Final Fantasy 7 the game

Yep, the game, and not the Movie or sequels, the original design from 1997.

This one was out last month, and supposedly I receive her last month. But, due to the fact that I ordered them along with Zero/Saber which was predicted to be released in December was delayed to this month. So my shipment was delayed.

I brought these 2 because I never actually own a final fantasy vii game character, other than Advent Pieces Limited which I had to been to a lot of trouble just to get it.
Damn those customs! I was so tempted to get Cloud too, heck, I already had Advent Children Cloud, what the heck I get so much of Clouds for, I better save my money collecting other stuffs.

Tifa, her arms looks kinda out place, with those joints looking too obvious.
Aerith, I don’t really like her head…like kinda square-ish, maybe because of her fore head?

Anyway, currently ff7 no longer my cup of tea, and thus I wasn’t too keen on collecting them all. So the rate for them is…
Tifa 7/10
Aerith 6.5 /10

In Case you are wondering why i didn't put any photos about the figures, well, i don't feel like photographing them, compare with the other 2 these 2 aren't worth my time. ><

Origin: Fate/Zero

Ever heard of Fate/Stay Night visual Novel by TYPE-MOON?
Or rather the anime adaptation of the game?
Well, due to the overwhelming positive reception, TYPE-MOON decided to release another Fate series, this time serves as a Prequel taking place years before Fate/Stay Night, in Light Novel form. Too bad they didn’t have any plan to release an English Version of it.

The box was surprisingly thin and small compare with the rest of my figures box.
Anyway, I have to say, this figure is highly detailed and you can’t really find any defects from the 1st glance. She had a very stern expression which shows that she’s a very serious kinda of person and her pose indicates that she ready for anything, anytime.

The 2nd glance well…still can’t find any deformity.
Even the sword Excalibur is half transparent. Isn’t that cool?

Rating 9/10
Cause the pose is too simple. Heh.


See the word MADE IN CHINA?


Last and Most Important Figure I ever collected today.
This is the 1st edition, not the re-runs ones! Woo Hoo!

Char Rhouseman
Origin: Shuraki
An original character that does not appear in any games, animes or mangas, it is one of the original character created by the collaboration between Red-Entertainment and Good Smile Company. She is 3rd in line in the Shuraki Series.

There's a big dent on the box.

I had a very hard time to get this.
1st of all, I missed the 1st, 2nd and 3rd characters of the Shuraki series when it was announced for pre-orders, you can’t even pre-order them, cause people were so fast to order it was out of order in minutes, then you could have probably guessed that these babies were grabbed up in every store once they were released, thus I had to wait for the re-runs.
Luckily I browsed some local online stores and found that there one site that still have one unit left due to the fact that the person decided to cancel the order last minute and wanted to get the re-runs ones if GSC planning to do so. SO I got her.
Lucky, lucky me.
But so far I haven’t heard any news about it.

Well, Akatsuki (the re-run one) is now released out in the market and I’m waiting for mine to arrive.

Whatever, back to Char Rhouseman.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that this box doesn’t only come with figure but a booklet and a CD drama as well.


Amongst the 4 figure I collected today, she is the most satisfying one, even if I compare her with the rest of my (tiny) collections. She’s heavy maybe because she’s made from 100% high quality material (you even see there’s steel thingy in her.); the paint job was striking and beautiful.

She had a very dynamic pose, and a very clear expression. Every part of she are so detail without flaw, (so far that I what I found), she looks so identical with the pictures all around, what I see online is what I get. Unlike some figures I had, especially the final fantasy ones.

Even though it wrote MADE IN CHINA at the corner of the box, which sorta give you a bad feeling, since well, nowadays some China Products… …well, you get the pictures.

I found that her clothes especially the red one is kinda hard to take it off, I had to use some brute force yet delicately to take it off, and when I’m done with the battle damage look, I had another bad time trying to put her back in the normal look. It took me for like 5-10 minutes each to get them look right.

The Booklet.

This booklet isn’t just a booklet, its cover is hard. And every page is colored, with some info about some characters.
Quite classy, it had some pictures of the character and scenes in the CD Drama. It also had contents for the CD drama and some lyrics. It was written 100% in Japanese so I can’t understand a word, save for a few kanji which looks like Chinese characters. SO anyone who have a translations for it please do inform me.
I had to know what’s happening to the Shuraki(s)!

The CD Drama.

I listened from the beginning till the end.
And don’t even understand a word they are saying. But I really enjoyed their voices, sweet, cool and nice. And the song at the end of the CD is pretty sweet. You can vaguely figure out what was happening (very burly) by judging their pitch and tone.
Again, anyone had a translated script?

At 1st I only took interest in Akatsuki, but soon, I had this weird urge to collect them all. I don’t very like them upon 1st sight, instead I viewed them as some sort of over cute looking figure with some sexy design and dynamic pose, but the more I stare at Char Rhouseman, the more I got hooked at her.

I’m so glad I got her!
My Precious~

But still there 's manufacture stain on it.... slightly above her breast.

Comparison with the rest of my figures that arrived/received today.

As we all know, Shuraki doesn’t come cheap, but she’s really worth it. Like they said, ‘Get her while she’s still available’. She’s a masterpiece!

Rating: 9.5/10
The only problem I encounter is the clothes problem; I somehow can’t get her clothes back the way she used too, see?
You can see her bra….

But not so obvious lah, since my photograhp skill suck, and i had to do this in secret. Hah.


Promoter again

Category: By Han Fei
I promised myself that i never wanted to touch this job again and yet, i still ended up as one.
Well at least as this company promoter, the people would have the slightest interest at those only 2 products are mostly educated people who understand what's a negative ion.

Oh yeah, i haven't officially introduced my company.


The MedKlinn Group of Companies develops and markets air and water sterilizing equipment worldwide, using German patented NTP technologies. This technology,which has been marketed for more than six years, creates massive amounts of negative ions. Our products, utilizing this leading-edge technology has received
the stringent German “GS” and “TUV” certification for electrical safety and ozone emission below the hazardous level of 0.05ppm set by the- World Health Organization.

MedKlinn is committed to marketing equipment that is of the highest quality and durability. And more importantly, we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers worldwide are fully satisfied with our products. It is our hope that more people will discover the immense benefits of our technology as a chemical and drug-free way to improve their health.

MedKlinn, in collaboration with a leading medical research institution, has successfully proven that our product is highly effective in killing bacteria, viruses and fungus. It is also highly effective in eliminating all kinds of odor, reducing air-borne dust particles and allergens. Our product provides a cost effective way for people all around the world to benefit from cleaner air, whether at home, work or play.

Well this is what they wrote anyway.

and the products are Air sterilliser or as i would call them as inoiniser with non-themal plasma technology from germany. Not the pin technology one which was oout in the market for almost 3- 4 decades.
The good thing about this job is that, i don't need to lie often to make them buy, i just telling the truth about it's benefits and maybe abit bit of it disadvantage.
To buy or not to buy, that's their decision though i still need to convince them.
For the 1st few weeks, there are lotsa of poeple who will just come to our counter by their own will and i just need to say a few stuff from the brocher and DONE, they bought them. Yeap them, not it.

But then things changed.
STarting last week, sales plunged. Chinese no longer shop the floor my company booth locating, instead they are now shopping at women/clothes/market department busy preparing themslesevle for the coming chinese new year.
Thus only Malyas and Indians are walking the Jusco Top floor now with albeit of chinese window shopper, whom are not interested in getting them. YOu can actually judge by their look as they walk by. SO this whole week, my job is sending out brocher to passerby. My skills to crap and boast about our company products deterioted. I stammered as i explained. Haih, what can i do?

Then there was a suppoed to be agood news for me, but now it's a bad news: We gonna have an exhibition for home appliciant starting from 24th to 27th of Jan at the MV exhibition Hall. Now no one even bothered to visit this tiny little counter in Jusco, they all went up and buy stuff from the big crowded and somewhat luxurious temporary booth there. ANd i have the chance to stand there for 4 hours along with some Managers of the comapny and seniors, kinda stress.
What if i dont preform well?
Plus Commsission is judge by half month sales basis. from 16th to now, our comssion is only sad is that?


I gotta end this article. I gotta go to church now. SIgh...sien....


GUess Who!

Category: By Han Fei
Posted on 26 Jan 2008

Today while i was on my way back to my working after a brief dinner break, i saw someone very familiar walking towards me, way too familiar....that face...., due to that time i was not wearing glasses, well i don't wear them often anyway( i had a hunch that i know her), she passed by me, while i kept staring at her, soon she too realised that someone was staring at her, she in turn stared back at me. She stopped.
She smiled, at that moment i knew i was right, i did know her!
In fact i never thought i would meet her in such circumstances, i thought she had went back to Australia to continue her studies!
Guess who?
Though it felt kinda weird to see her there.
We had a very very brief reunion.
She looked like she's having a fun time shopping with her sis, While i was having my bored to death time at my working place/counter/booth (located at the top floor of Jusco just beside the Osim counter), Due to the fact that there was a exhibition at the exhibition hall with my company counter there selling the product at a much lower price, who wouldn't go there?
Plus our products main targets are Chinese only Chinese would have the time to check out the health product while malays....sigh...indians lagi hard to entertain.
Recently CNY's coming and the chinese are all busy buying CNY stuffs at lower ground, would would wanna come to buy some home applicants?
So you can imagine how was these day...bored to day, even my smile froze till my cheeks muscle sore. Don't have the mood to smile That often to the passer by anymore.
Sad, huh?
The only thing that can entertain me is to kacau the workers of other booths.
Osim couple, Panasonic chicks, Ultra-ease water filter and nesk promoters.

Looking at Erin reminds of me the GOLDEN days while i was a customer, now i'm a salve promoter under the eyes of the bull dogs(jusco guards, need to see their face colour, not to forget the customers too.
Luckily not customer are RUDE, UN-Educated, there are some intereing passer by too, such as tourists from China, they can't speak English and always needed my help ( since i have no customer) at the panasonic booth since most of them are Malays while pretty chicks only work on weekends. It was fun to feel that i'm much more Superior than them both. Hahahaha...

Oh yeah, Wee Yew is also working at MV but in carefour, but he did come visit me, heh, felt kinda awkward. Yet I'm too lazy to go visit him. Carefour seemed to i need to go out from the jusco staff entrance....tired and lazy la....

Our government, My GOVERNMENT

Category: By Han Fei
Posted on 22 Jan 2008

Time and time again, how many times had their faces of hypocrite been tear down by the media?
And yet they still mange to prevail?
People like Zakaria, Chua soi Lek, manage to get away from the persecution of Law and justice (with people like VK Lingam, ruling the Malaysia court) while commoners must face what they did, and sometimes, they didn’t.

How fair is that?!
That is our Malaysian government!
Hooray to their BN unshakable stand!

This time, the election is not far, and so the minds of our leaders are getting further and further away in the backward sense.
They did not deal critical matters during discussions in parliaments or cabinets meetings, instead, they tend to talk craps to offend others (incident where they just talk bad about women and needed quite awhile to repent insincerely) or set stupid unreasonable law such as ban on the usage of the word ‘Allah’ by non-Muslims, seriously, we really can’t understand what our Great leaders are doing, and what does their mind compose of!

They had such a great mind; I don’t even understand why we chose these people to lead our country?!

Look at the American, they want Changes in and for their country!
Obama or Clinton, both have symbolical meaning for changes in a different sense.

Look at ourselves, what do we want?
Changes? Equality? Freedom?
Or it doesn’t really matter does it?
As long we safe in our own home and continue our life as we strive to be even richer than yesterday?

That is what Malaysians are. Well most of them anyway.
And this give the opportunity for the ones who are leading our country to rule in anyway way they see fit to their own agenda.

Look at our leaders.
Saying that the oppositions are raising racist issues while they are the ones they are doing it behind our back!

Soak the Keris in Chinese Blood. And he said that, we should put the racism aside and let not the opposition use that to hinder us away from peace, from what I see, those who had racism roted into their mind will never change, not now not never.
See how they keep raising racism issues for the upcoming elections?

Now about the news, the most recent news, VK Lingam. Hmph!
It seems that justice is coded thru his point of view not thru the law we all know.
No wonder some cases can be just off that easy or drag into months then days just to get more time so that people who follow the news will eventually get on with their lives and forgot all about it. How clever are they?

This is our government.
The minority body that control the majority crowd.

It is time to think, who‘s serving who?
Are we serving the government or should the government serve us?
Where had our power of democracy gone?

The promises that they made are nothing more but mere illusions.
Do not be clouded by their cheap promises, but stay clear in mind of their recent pathetic and embarrassing news of their true faces.

Time to Vote them off of the Government!

Above are just my opinions.
I’m just exercising my freedom to speak up regardless of the law and ban impose on blog.



By Han Fei
Jan 14 2008
Purposely take a day off to celebrate me and my friend birthday.
While going out for lunch at IOI mall with friends i found something damn rare that i been searching for quite a while. BANANA CHOCO!
Then we have lunch at MongKok my friends belanja me and Chun as to celebrate our birthday. Thanks guys, i had a nice time, though you guys spend most of the time talking about your job as teachers.

Jan 15
my birthday
Morning receive lotsa birthday greetings from friends.
Met a new colleague by the name of Shin Han, quite a pretty girl.
Then bored my whole day thru in work place.
Boring day. Nothing special.

Jan 16
Bored thru my day once again.
On my Way home i waited for an hour for RAPIDKL, so hard to wait even though there 3 bus i can take, U63, U65 and U67, but none arrived in that one hours time, eventually i took metro bus.
I hate RAPIDKL, from this day on i will not take RAPIDKL, i rather take Metro bus, at least the bus come quite often compare with the DAMN RAPIDKL!!!!
Watch tv and blog at nite.


I Laughed, SO...WHAT?!

Category: By Han Fei
Posted on 3 January 2008

People thought I'm happy that's why I laughed.
People thought I'm never looked down because I smiled.
People thought I'm angry because I'm not smiling.
People thought I'm in bad mood because I'm not laughing.

I always smiled; does that mean I'm happy?
I always laughed; does that mean I'm delighted?

Gheez… … go get a tip!
Use your brain and think for once!
Don't tell me you guys never watched serial dramas?
Why is there someone who had to always pretend that they are happy to hide their feelings?
Gheez why do you think I want to drunk myself in the 1st place?

Excuses, excuses, excuses, my my, aren't I full of shits and craps today?
What's wrong? Are you asking me? Oh there's nothing wrong... ...every things is perfect just as life ALWAYS is. Hypocrites...
So what?! I'm full of shit that's why people are happy!
SO I can be a clown, who can hide my feelings behind those disgusted white and red pain. Even if there are tears rolling down I will not have to fear that the audience know those are tears, just sweats, sweats of stuffing myself into that hot and thick pathetic costumes.
SO why matters?
Nothing ever matters in life, why bother?
Why struggle?
… …
God help me … …let me go, away of nihilism… …away from somewhere were I'm not meant to be… away… …please Lord…forsake your servants not... ...


Just Shut Up

Category: By Han Fei
Posted on 3 January 2008

Maybe you never heard of me complaining much of my family, do you?
I never like to do so. I never like people to know the real status of my family.
They fight a lot, especially adults. Shouting here and there like barbarians of the neanthedals era what a pain in the ass.

Shout shout shout, just shut up!

That’s I HATE people complaining that they have ANY family problem especially communicating problems!
NEVER EVER come to me saying that you are depressed because of that. I HATE IT! Go to hell and complain or anywhere but me!


Moments Between

Category: By Han Fei
Posted on 1 of January 2008

Today is 31 of December 2007, the last day of 2007.
Strange though, I supposed to be like other people enjoying my last day in 2007, I didn’t. I felt nothing. Nor excited nor depressing. It was as though I viewed this as my one of those usual boring days.

Actually, I was supposed to celebrate my countdown at my parish church, Saint Ignatius Church at Taman Mayang. But Plans changed, my mum decided that my grand parents are too old to be crowded with the crowd and get lost amongst it. We nodded in agreement. (Cause to be honest, I HATE crowded places; I rather go home watch TV). SO, we last minute decided to go to the Assumption located just beside Assunta Hospital to attend the 6p.m. evening mass.

In the church I realized, most attendants are either too old or too young, there doesn’t seem to be any teenagers at my age. I guessed most of them wanted to celebrate the countdown mass, unlike me. Haha… … I felt old.

During the mass, my mind kept thinking about New Year resolution.
Of course, I also did give thanks to the Lord this wondrous year, as this is definitely one of those years that give me most heart attacks/fears, joys, and regrets/embarrassments. I’m happy for many things which I don’t think writing down here in this post will be enough plus I’m too lazy to do so too.

The mass ended. And yet, my mind was still filled with my New Year resolution.
I could not think of anything for it. It was as though, I never had any ANY aim in life.
This was kind apathetic.

That night, I turned the TV browsing channels by channels hoping that our country would have some sort of specially program to watched, maybe I expected too much from my country, to my dismay there wasn’t much going on in the local broadcast, unlike Astro’s oversea channel where Taiwan have some sort of live programs celebrating their Last day, these channel started at 7 something while ours only started celebrating at 11.30 p.m. at least thru the TV. Fed up with such a boring night, I started playing my ps2 game at approximately 10.30p.m.

Then IT, IT ended abruptly without me realizing what had just happened. I only realized IT when I hear sound of fireworks echoing into the bright sky night just opposite of my house.
Year 2007 had just completed IT’s only task as the Year Master. Now it was 2008’s Turn to carry on the tradition.
By that time most members from family are either too bored thus went to bed early or too old to stay up late, or they just simply went out with their friends.

I walked out of my house and from there I caught a tiny/half glimpse of fireworks, hindered by the barrier of construction in front of house.
Then I saw children whose parents chose to stay were jumping as hard as they can in hope of at least having a single full glimpse of the whole fireworks scene. But they were too short to be compared with the barrier. Soon after they gave and walked away. While I, I went to higher ground by climbing the stone fence which was surrounding my house and caught a few pictures of the half fireworks.

These were the results:
Far away without Zoom.

SLlightly zoomed.

After taking the photos i resumed playing game and thus ended a night where the moments were between old and new.