Report for February 2

Category: By Han Fei
Posted on 2 Feb 2008

FEbuary 2 2008

SHift time
2p.m. - 10p.m.

Budget spent

1. Wee Yew who came to visit me during dinner break.
2. An 'old' neighbour from my childhood who happens to work at OSIM which located jsut beside my counter.
3. Mary, a part time panasonic promoter.


Today... ...Suck.
It's been a whole week since i did any sales.

I'm so dead right now.
My colleague have at least did 5 sales for that long whole week, while i... ... oh man, i can't bear to think what will happen to me if i don't have any sales, by this busy and crowded weekend.
SO far life's quite entertaining here at Mid Valley. THere too much things to observe and yet so little sales to do. You could say i spent most of my working time crapping rubbish with the promoters there,while helping my bored to dead self out at the OSIM counter by tampering with tehir products like uPAPA, uROBIC, etc.