My Thoughts on These few months in Work

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cloudy yet HOT.

moody and depressed and bored to death.


… …

I finally stopped work from that place and that company.

Weird though… I wasn’t as sad as I expected, just some regrets about not being to say good bye to each and every one of them that had been with me in my path of learning the World.

Maybe because I’m kinda fed up with my new colleague who just came in here to work since April.
Yep I dislike her or rather RESENT.
She’s the girl friend to my senior (who’s kinda OVERLY protective of her girlfriend, he’s a good guy and when you in trouble you called him he would definitely answer your distress help).She’s very missy and fragile, never stop complaining about how good her previous job with Berjaya is and the most disgusted part is that she thought that I’m very close with her… and had the tendency to like stick to me, like naturally leaned on my shoulder and comes very close to me when curios of what game I was playing with my mobile. Maybe because I’m her only colleague there.
Still, I severely feel disgusted. Mainly because I don’t feel close to her, not at all… and I don’t really enjoy talking to her… …oh how I missed my ex-colleague who had left the company to pursue her studies at Masterskill…sigh… …

And, even though she’s 1 year older than me…
She and ‘hubby’ always reach late, leave early when she was new to the company. And that kinda pissed me off. I felt it’s not fair that you can do that! But still I kept quiet; I don’t want to be the one who sprung any more politics amongst the company.
Eventually I get over with it, when they come and left together I rather not look at them only when they truly leave I waved my hands and bid good-bye.

Thank God I left her forever.
… …
… …
… …
… …
Still, she’s in my friend list.


Other than that….
I learned many things especially about human nature when it comes down to their own benefits. I saw many faces of people especially the customer though they come and go some leaving a deep impression while others left without trace in my mind.
I met more pathetic and disgusted humans (Customers and Company Admins alike) than those who are nice at least at initial contact (Co-workers, other company promoters and maybe some customers).
I feel kind of disappointed with human nature that I seen in this part of the society.
It feels as though I had to be a part of them to survive in this overly sophisticated society maybe because of that I become more materialistic and realistic, those who I deemed potential-less I would not go even to serve that person and waste me time.
Yes, I now understand why some promoters acted so un-caring when some people ask them stuffs… because they know that the possibilities of these people buying their stuff is close to zero, some might say you should try after all like you said it’s not zero.
You think we have THAT much energy to serve each and every nothing-to-do-ask-for-fun-while-waiting-for-wife/husband-in-the-toilet (or knowledge)?

Another thing that I see was that the politics or inner struggle would rise no matter what company you’re in even if it’s like my tiny ex-company.
I guess as long there are more than 1 person conflict would definitely rise.
To me, my manager, seniors and the customer support person in charge they all gave me the fox wearing multiple masks. Heh.
With each and everyone you interact you has to be very careful as not to leaked one’s side information to the other side and then to be deemed TRAITOR, but come to think of it, this scenario also occur in my school life… …even now amongst my friends.

Pathetic isn’t it?

Now…I wonder… … with my 5 nearly-month employment at this place, did I leave a deep impression to those who were surrounding my place, or just another nobody came like a gentle wind and goes without any trace?

But if I truly want to compare with my other ex-school-mates, it seemed what I done was nothing comparing to theirs. They seemed to find their JOY every moment they have with those youngsters. They are well appreciated. Hah.
Good for them.

The only thing is I did learn some society ‘manners’ basics. Heh.
How to promote one’s product, and kinda manipulate their weakness to greed to archive the goal. Hopefully my skill won’t deteriorate.

And hey, look on the good side, I gotta go to shopping mall everyday and pick up some free stuffs(like estee lauder and DKNY samples) along the way. Heh.
There’s one more thing that pisses me off badly is those who promised to visit me at my working place, NEVER come. Eventhough only few of them did not come, but…… YOU GUYS SUCK!

Yes I’m in a not-so-good mood as I write this crappy piece of crap.

I’m will be at Chiang Mai for the next 6 days.
SO don’t bother sms me or expect me to reply you on msn.

Anger + Depression + Bored
1st day of being unemployed.