The Bright /Cloudy Night Before Christmas

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Supposed to be Posted on 23 of December 2007
But lately kinda lazy to do anything except sleep, eat, play and watch.

Tonight as usual everyone went out for last minutes shopping except me, who prefers to stay home and guard my humble yet lovely house along with my handicap grandma and almost deaf grandpa.

I did nothing, except watching tv in hope that midnight would come earlier so that I can play my ps2 games-Persona 3. SO I decided to have a simple short walk around my lonely house. The streets lights in front my house was dim as usual, but there was something else that night.

There were no stars, no moon but a cloudy sky. Yet you could not define that night as dark. Behind those clouds I saw a bright halo piercing its way thru the thick clouds.

The wind s was strong as I watched the cloud quickly sway away from the halo, it reveal to me it’s true form, it was the moon. I never realized that it was full moon that night. So bright it was, that it was even several times brighter than the full moon on the night of the Moon cake festival.

Clouds were like on and off, awhile blocking the moon, by the time you realized it was gone again.

It was as though you had just entered the painting of the cloudy yet bright night.
So romantic and poetic.

Maybe it was the Sky’s way to show it gratitude to the Lord whose birthday is coming real soon, or maybe it’s just an occurrence. Who know? Who cares?

I just need to just enjoy that moment which will forever kept thru photos and as a part of my experiences in life.

Shuraki Trinity

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Posted on 29 December 2007

Oh man, I'm so pissed off right now!
How can i suddenly be so obsess with PVC figures Once Again! I'm not working nor do i have any pocket money to get them!
Why do i had to go online check the Online Figure Stores, when I'm Financially DEAD!?

I been to one place and saw something that traumatises me for this entire day, and it will not stop too soon!
Now, I'm too busy searching for more pic and online stores in hope that i might still be able to grab some of these Beautiful Shuraki Trinity Figure By Good Smile Company!

Luckily i manage to order the re-issue Akatsuki Michiro, 1st figure of the Shuraki series! I'm so happy! I think if there no delay then i will be receiving it at the end of January! Woohoo!

She is the only one amongst the 5 figures of the line that caught my sight the moment i lay my eyes on her!

Look at her determined looking expression! Ain't she pretty?

The rest, erm...don't think i will be getting it since...well, hello!
In financial Crisis over here!

Anyway, the 2nd in line of production is ...Ryu Mei feng

Shal Luzeman

4th Needa

But maybe i will be getting the last of the Series, Rize...

By the way Shuraki Trinity Figures is not just plain Figures of Nothing! (Like my ff enthusiast friend told me yesterday which kinda pissed me off and, speechless, since i know he don't understand the beauty of the figures!)
Each of them are characters in Shuraki CD Dramas!

Yes, each figure comes with a booklet and a CD drama(in jap duh!), they have their story to be told, ya know?! Just like the Anime characters!

Each CD drama is a continuation of the previous ones which Force listeners to collect every one of them to know the ending of the 5 characters, who will win and who will die?

The story...erm...kinda lazy to talk about now, later, maybe... ...

I really hope that Akatsuki Lives though.
I will post more about her info once i got my hand on her figure!



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Posted on 27 december 2007

As you all should know by now that i been searching jobs online and playing ps2 like never before since class trip was over.
I used the Jobstreet to apply some jobs with jobstreet format's resume. I thought it was pretty useless since it was as though no one want to even see my resume since poeple who have similar qualification was out in the open and can be found jsut anywhere.

Apparently, there are some poeple who ACTUALLy read my resume! Woohoo!
I just now went for an interview at MidValley for a job selling air fresheners in Jusco under the company name Medklinn.
That guy wants me to work ASAP.
Then i just receive another interview request at Taman Sea Which is much closer than MV but no shopping mall... this one i no need to wporry about transport or shift time but... the interview next wednesday... now i can decide whether to accept the job or wait for the interview... ...oh man...head pain...lazy to think about it now...think later, i will call the guy...

Saw someone familiar in the Church on Christmas eve.

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Posted on 26 december 2007

Lately i been kinda busy playing Video AGmes, preparing for the celebration of christmas. Sorry, very sorry for not being to update my blog as soon as possible.
I don't know how you guys spent your christmas, but mine well, it'kinda a overly crowded celebration.


The only part that i remember the most is that on christmas eve 24 December, as catholics our family as usual went to chruch to celebrate christmas. And as usual due to teh fact that the English will be held at 10.30pm, we chose to go the chinese mass at 7.30pm. and you know who i met in the church....
Ms. Margaret!

There i was sitting on the front seat waiting as time passed, suddenly something familiarly round caught my eye, i thought, 'that cant be right...' wasn't she going to to the church beside our school? SFX?
I quickly took out my glasses, and wore it on, it was indedd Ms. Margaret, and she was sitting just behind me! There's not way i would act as if i didn't see her right?
So, i just turned around and said, 'hello, teacher,' with a awkward smile. SHe was....SHocked to see me here, and for the rest of the mass i did not turn back untill, when the mass finally ended onlt then i turned around a greeted her 'merry christmas. teaher' with a hand shake, while not fprgeting to ask her, 'i never expect to see teacher here...."
She replied with a grin, "actually, i used to go to SFX but today i felt like coming for a chinese mass for a change,"

Sweat, i never thought that i would ACTUALLY meet someone in school in that Taman Mayang Church.... ><
Come to think of it's kinda like fate...

Been looking for job online lately....too...

Out for Class Trip

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Posted on 13 of Dec 2007

Dear passerby(s),

I won't be here to blog for awhile, cause I'm going for a Class Trip to A Famosa from 16 of Dec to 18 of Dec.
But i will resume blogging and write about my experiences as soon as i come back, if i have the mood.

Fei Soar.

Changed New Header!

Category: By Han Fei
Posted on 12 Of Dec 2007

For anyone who been the blog before will realised that i had just changed my Header!
It's much better compare with the previous one, isn't she?

The people in the Header?
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
All of them are the same person, Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.
And Sure the game wasn't realease yet, and it is still in development by Square-Enix, but hey, i LOVE her upon 1st time i saw in the Kingdom hearts II final mix secret Ending!

And the strange Runic words located at the Frame, are some sort of Fronts i found online named Angerthas, if i'm not mistaken i think it's one of the fictional words created by J.R.R Tolkein for the LOTR series.
See if, You could guess what they mean! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

Torn Between the Nights

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Posted on 10 of Dec 2007

I used my photoshop and played with it with some advice i found on the Good Tutorials, after spending hours on the computer i finally made something which i think is nice but then now i'm torn to decide which is the better Nights and set it as my desktop wallpaper... ...
(Kinda like showing off to my sis! Muahahahaha...)
The actual size of these Nights are 1273x1018 which i think is the size of SOME computer screens.

I named this Moony Noir
She looks more melancholy isn't she?

and this

Title: Misty Red Moon
I kinda like the Bloody and poisonous looking mist....

Hmm...which is better...?
Still i think Moony Noir looks nice...white and Black contrast!

My STPM Review

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i was Supposed to post this review the day STPM ended but my computer seemed to have some CPU usage problem and kept shut down by it self...

So yeah here's the post that was supposed to be posted on 05/12/2007


Exam finally and officially over!
Phew… …actually since last week I had somehow subconsciously feel as if the exam was over since most of my friends here they had really finish their paper.
This time amongst all 8 paper 4 subjects, the most unexpected was Pengajian Am (general Studies). There I was expecting Account would be the hardest of all subjects and Chinese would be like gambling and PA would be the easiest ever!

I was wrong.
PA was not as I expected especially the Objective paper.
I could remember so vividly when I enter the exam room, grabbing my Objective paper, “this is the paper I can score in this subject,’ I thought, and then I opened the paper… …OMG!
My jaw dropped, I looked at the question for like 2 minutes.
What the heck?! I never study that in my book!
And for the questions latter…let’s just say…I have more than 20 questions that I just ‘tembak’.

PA Paper 2…essay writing, Oh yeah! Drawing the graphs that part I’m so doomed! I’m sure that my 15 marks’ gone! I don’t understand what they want me to draw, graf bar pyramid, graf berpasangan? Damn I only studied and memorized the Carta par berpasangan.

Paper 1…I stuck badly at this paper it’s all about grammars, essay writing, understanding the ancient passage (古文 ) finally 改写。
And paper 2, how lucky we were that amongst the 4 questions, our teacher managed to spot the right question and thus the correct answers. To think that we had to study or rather memorized all of the 4 books like hell….and this is all they came out…

There’s nothing to say about this paper. For I did not expected to high or too low about it, the question of the 2 paper was ngaum-ngaum. Well maybe the kuantitatif part, oh well, guess 20 -17 marks no more.

Finally Account!
This was the last paper on the last paper on the last day of STPM, while SPM over yesterday while we were taking the Paper 1. This is the paper that I was so lazy to study, I spent 7/10 of my days before the exam watching TV and trying to get my self online since this STUPID computer doesn’t let online even till now!
( I wrote this in an offline state in the WORD)
And when it’s time to exam I really got panic…Ha Ha…so typical right?
Well that me, impatient and lazy.
But when I really opened the papers I was like expected really hard since Account was the top 3 hardest subject to get A on the list.
But this time, no lejar, no kunci kira-kira at all! Only Jurnal am for pelarasan and sort of stuff! The easiest to scare which was the koperasi instead became the hardest to score and DAMn I shouldn’t choose this question to do, instead I should choose all jurnal am to do. Oh well.
I can say that this year 2007 this paper was the easiest paper I ever did compare with the previous year, thank GOD.

Paper 2 was more unexpected.
They had changed the format of the questions! And no one inform us about that!
But luckily the paper wasn’t THAT hard, still manageable. Because before this paper, I heard from those who did both papers for the past years, when one pare is easy the other is always hard. I was scare when I heard this, but it was too late for me to swallow any words any more.
Maybe because this year they started to use new format thus they made the paper2 less hard which once again I THANK YOU, GOD for HIS unexpected Grace.

Anyway, exam finally over.
At this very moment I feel empty as if my 1 ½ years that I spent studying was over, and the things I study…come to think of it, they don’t really help in my further studies/course that I want to take.
And the classmates who spent these times with me, I know that we might not meet for a very long time. Now only I started feel sad.
During graduation I feel only happy and excited but now…sad…sigh…thus end my life of this f6 era, and begins another typical drifting season of my life. Working and so…Sien…