By Han Fei
After staring at my large and messy pile of links located at my sidebar, i decided to rearrange the whole thing and complie them into one page.
This way my blog will look less messy and clean.

Ps, to those who somehow stumble upon this section and fine that your blog links are not listed as below, that is because you guys had cease to update your blogs, thus, not wanting to waste too many space for this section i had deleted them. Please email me if you guys has new links or resume blogging again!


Inside Malaysia Inside School
U6A/2007 Classmates
  • AwYong

  • ZhenLin

  • HonHoong

  • 5P1/2005 Classmates
  • SuFen

  • YouHeng

  • Erin

  • SuWei

  • JyyWei

  • ShengKai

  • LiangJie

  • RuZhen

  • AiWei

  • XiangLeng

  • WaiSeng

  • Ex-Schoolmates
  • JiaRou

  • YeeWei
  • (dead)

    Class Blog
  • The Sixth Artz

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    Outside School Inside Malaysia
  • Johnathan

  • Sifu Yen

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    Outside Malaysia

    Will add later... i think....