Day 2 at Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai
Day 2

Date: 23th May 2008
Weather: Hot and SUNNY
Mood: Feel slightly better than yesterday.


Okay wake up early into the morning and eat my very 1st breakfast at Chiang Mai in the hotel.
The breakfast was very westernised like most hotels around will be....which disappointed me they chose not to put at least one or 2 local breakfast as choice.

AT this time our tour group was divided into 2.
1st group will be heading to Chiang Rai today for 3 days 2 nights while the 2nd one stay behind, which was us! ><><><
There are lotsa fruits they you don't usual find them in local market at this kinda time such as Lai Ci....cherries...and even honey hive....I know that's no fruits but's still weird.

Still we managed to do some cheap shopping. Their clothes here though are not branded but heck they are real cheap and there are some quality to it. After this the elderly ones decided that it's time to go back to hotel to have some rest since afternoon's weather BURNs!
But luckily somewhere at 1pm it rained.

AT 3p.m. we went down and outta the hotel to had some afternoon walk browsing the area around. I saw many stall were prepared to be set for the famous Night Bazaar.
You can up there in the photos, can you believe it? It's only 3 in our Msia time and they are already setting them up.....

We walked around the place and most shops inside the plazas nearby are closed too.
And then that grandma I mentioned earlier spot something. A place to take some beautiful photograph with her wearing some Thai traditional clothes....which 5 photos of these included a cd full of your photos only cost baht 500! (appro.RM50)
They help you makeup , do your hairdo and provide clothes for you to chose! Can you believe it?!
In msia, you can't possibly find these kinda of service below RM100!!!
SO yeah in the end the7 of us spend almost 1 hour sitting in their air cond shop watching them to prepare her. and the Elderly husband ask me to take some photos as to show the process and the 'before after' as memory for the grandma since this means pretty much to her(her great grandma was a Thai princess who married to a Spanish guy and settled at Penang, that's what she claimed.)!

After that we once again returned to the hotel as the photographers told her that she can come to claimed her photos at somewhere 8p.m. night.
Not on the spot huh? I guess they don't have such high tech equipment to ready on the spot and they need to some Photoshop on the photos...heh.

At 5pm, we went out to do some cheap tradisional yet professional Thai massage!
Me and both of my sis went to do an hour whole body massage. It was rather soothing!!
Hah. then we finally started our way to the Night Bazaar which was a block away.
Somehow I forgot to take some photos... oh well...maybe because it's specially set up for foreign tourist they price here are quite Unreasonable for some though they are almost the same thing.
SO we didn't do much of actually shopping only window shopping.

Later then we went to the hawkers open air plaza to do our dinner. Most of us chose something that looks decent rather than dare to chose weird stuff that we never see or eat before.hah.
In some of the stall I saw something pretty weird...they put several stick s with some black sticky fluids on them and place around their raw food.
If you inspect closely you will able to see insects esp. Flies got stuck with sticky fluids, I watched at the flies struggled, but soon they seemed to had give up since there wasn’t any progress at all.
I did take a picture this though.
Walked further in we saw a corridor filled with artists, they are all busy sitting down drawing in their won respective stalls, of course with some reference in their hand...which reminds me of copying people art rather than creating their own...oh well, and amongst the stall and pictures something capture me.
A lady in nude yet, I think the artist put 2 flower to cover her nipples.. which I think was kind of out of place! Again I did take some photos. Hah!

After walking around, we decided that we should returned to out hotel to rest again.
And there I take my MOST FAVE and refreshing hot bath! I spent almost an hour and 1/2 in the bath room, by the time I walked out of the bathroom everyone was asleep.

I also did take some nice Night View photos from the windows.


Not too shabby eh?
at least I think I did make some initiative in this post to wrote less crap...well that's what I think....
Hmm...anyway....see ya'guy around...bye~

Bored...and waiting for THEM to arrive...