I'm back, i think

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Had a sudden urge to come back here and visit this old blog of mine( maybe due to my friend DEDDY's urge.)

Had a safe trip from UUM back here last night while having fun with Kuih See, she was pretty much very funny and entertaining, while kept me awake during the trip, well almost. Eventually i still succumbed to the impending sleepiness.

Finally back home to celebrate my week holiday in Chinese New Year. Feel weird, it is just me, my friends in UUM looked pretty much forward going like as they hype all day long, while my other non-uum friends...well...em...just see it as nothing special.

Maybe cause we're stuck in the middle of the forest while the others just...well...still so close to the civilization and they can get everything they want or need. Probably fun, huh?

But somehow i felt that at least this time because of my University status as far from civilization, i finally MANAGED to feel all hype for this year CNY, after so many years of indifferent feeling towards it and maybe even some animosity.

Anyway, i don't wanna give the impression i'm crapping and ranting too much.
Might be back soon.


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